The logo evolved over the years from 1995 - 2002. Here you can see a selection of artwork and, if you have the right kind of image editor, some "master" files that can be downloaded.

The first logo as issued in the summer of 1995

The "portrait" version of the original logo that was used in season one (1995/6) promotional material.

Manchester Storm logo 2
The season two "tweak". Note the grey flashes and shading
manchester storm puck logo
This puck artwork appeared in many advertisements and programmes
manchester storm logo
The 2001 makeover .. somewhat meaner. You can download the masters at the bottom of the page to see the variations. The "blue" colouring you get on many versions seen on the web comes from the master file opening wrong on some graphic programmes (true!).
Manchester Storm "pratchett" style logo
The landscape logo and the Terry Pratchett
"D E A T H" style mask

A tweak on the lettering for this under used version of the logo.
Manchester Storm logo 2002
The final version of the mask logo - used in pre launch publicity for the 2002/03 season

Download master file
vector based .eps file
Download master file
vector based .eps file
Download master file
vector based .eps file
Download master file
vector based .eps file