Manchester Storm's supporters published pages on the web from the early days of the Club and the fan's sites were only joined on the web by the Official team site in the 1998-99 season.

These fan sites now provide another invaluable source of information (and entertainment) about the team. The archive of these pages are now hosted here on the official Manchester Storm website.

This page is the final resting place for the original "fan directory" STORMINFO that was launched - on AOL - by John Thurm.

Thunderflash Fanzine
The original online Storm fanzine .... classic British hockey humour

Fully archived and available once more

Fire On Ice
The companion site to Storm History with all the stats that you could need ... and more!
126 Storm player records, 181 match reports, 426 match stats,
1283 opposition player records and 58 team records.

Fully archived and now available once more

Featuring a full set of Storm online hockey cards, alternative shirt designs, desktop wallpaper and more
storm shirt

web collection by mckee74