Returns to the Storm and chats to Dominique Paul

Kris Miller stepped off the ice after his first training session with the 2000-2001 Storm Squad "It's good! It's nice to be back. This organisation has always been professional and it's good to come into such a great building again. The fans here are terrific and it's nice and warm. I'm glad I tried it (playing in Switzerland) but I felt the team was very unprofessional, the league was unprofessional and the language was a big barrier. It's good to be back with some familiar faces."

If things here in Manchester are so much better than in Europe, what could have drawn Kris away at the end of last season? "The big thing was money, I'd be crazy not to say that. The salary cap here kinda rubbed me the wrong way and I was really upset about that. But I'd rather take a little less money to play here and be happy, money isn't everything. As long as my family is happy, that's what counts."

On his return, Kris has found some big changes from the Storm set up that he left behind in the summer, but sees a number of positives. "The coach speaks English, the guys speak English and those I've met today seem great guys. I've played for TC before many, many years ago so I know a bit about him."

However, whilst it may be easy to settle into familiar surroundings geographically, Kris knows that to slot into a team part way through the season may prove not to be as comfortable a transition. "I m not sure, we'll have to wait and see on Friday! It's not going to change overnight but when we get back into our winning ways things will just fall into place."

Undoubtedly Storm fans will be happy to see Killer Miller back amongst us with the qualities and experience he brings with him " I think I can bring my work ethic, hopefully some leadership and some help defensively. The way it looks right now, I don't think we're struggling to score too many goals. I've kept updated and seen that we can score goals; we just need to keep them out of our net. Hopefully we can work on that and adjust that part of the game."

Kris has previously talked about joining the police force back in the U.S. when he finally hangs up his skates, but that has been put on hold for the foreseeable future. He hopes to be with us for quite some time. " I'd like to stay in Manchester and play out my career at the M.E.N. Arena. Things can happen but hopefully I'm here to stay for a while."

Dominique Paul (c) 2000AD.