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Storm's hard man gives Dominique Paul his final answer!

Doug Doull joins the Storm for his first season in England from the IHL where he played last with the Manitoba Moose. Over the years he has built up a formidable reputation as a guy who doesn't flinch at dropping the gloves. Here in Manchester he has shown us all that there is so much more class to his game than that, coming up with some big skilful play - and still a willingness to take on some of the most Vial opponents in the Superleague. He started out in a small town in Nova Scotia but did most of his growing up in Toronto alongside team mate Kevin Brown, whom he first became great friends with at Kindergarten. "It's interesting that we've come full circle and we're together again. We were looking for jobs in North America but the money and the circumstances weren't right so we both decided to come here."

Doug didn't look at any other British Ice Hockey clubs before joining Manchester Storm, but found out about another bunch of local sporting heroes. " I put my feelers out to see what was available, and when I heard about the Manchester United football team, that sort of sealed the deal for me. I thought I'd get to go to a few of their games and that's why I wanted to come to Manchester!"

Black Belt Terry??????? Get outta here Doug!On arriving here he's found the facilities and club very professional and on a par with the pro clubs back home. "It's a great arena with great fans and we get really well looked after here. It's a good locker room. We joke around when we get the chance, it stays loose in there." And how about the boss, is he tough? "I've always done what the Coach wants me to do….I've never heard of him beating anybody up or anything, even when we lost 7 - 1. I've heard he's a black belt in martial arts or something, so I try to stay away from him, I don't want to get on his bad side!"

On the ice, Doug thinks we can finish the season well with the amount of talent we have in the locker room. "It's just a matter of time. We'll get on a roll here; it's like putting a puzzle together. We've all just got to pull in the same direction. It'll come right going into the second half of the season - it's a marathon, not a sprint - so we'll see."

Doug hinted that the way some elements of the British game were organised might affect the way some of first season players adjust to hockey over here." Back home we don't play four games for a Benson and Hedges type cup, you know? It's always play offs and who's at the top in the end. I don't like this B & H format at all. It's a bit meaningless for us; we play the same teams we've played in the league. If it were like the soccer championships where you get to play great teams from other parts of Europe then it might mean something. But it's just like playing another league game and putting a trophy there at the end. I know a lot of other guys who've been over here a while take a little more seriously but it's very new to me, maybe I'll become one of those guys too."

Central library ... a short tram ride from the MEN ArenaComing here has been a happy move for Doug who is pretty impressed with our city - but assures me that far from living it up he opts for the quiet life. "I don't go out much. I tend to spend a lot of time at home at home or in the library (This is NOT what I heard or the image I had -- website Ed!).

British Ice Hockey also gets the seal of approval from Doug. "With no red line it's really fast which suits the way I play, I like the open ice. It's good."

He sees his talent for battling as part of the job. "If it gets physical out there I guess it's a job of mine. I've tried to live up to that (reputation) so far. Hopefully that's not the only part of my game but when it comes to it, I'll always protect my team mates." This side of his game is one that develops over the years ". No-one said "Here, you're gonna be the fighter guy ! You play aggressively as a young kid and I definitely did that. I always had a temper at a young age and it has evolved. I've made a living out of it for a couple of years - it's what I'm paid to do."

But back to the amount of time Doug is spending in the library. What IS he doing there?????? "I'm actually studying for 'Who wants to be a Millionaire' " Doug assures us. "I'm an English resident now and it's one of my goals to get on the show. I watch it religiously every night and think I'd do very well." If he won the money, Doug would spend it on either buying the Manchester Storm or travelling.

Not Paxton SchulteWhen the time comes to hang up the skates Doug would still like to live dangerously focusing on travel "There's a guy on a documentary that travels around with different tribes. He eats Coyote with Mexican Indians and does everything the tribes do. I'd like to do that. Or something like the Steve Urwin guy, who works with crocodiles and reptiles in the out back. I have a business degree from school but I've always wanted to travel. I don't want a nine till five job".

However, in the mean time Manchester is where Doug wants to stay. "I don't want to move around. I've only been traded once in my career and that was a shock to me. I've always been a guy who plants himself and stays for a while although my pro career hasn't allowed me to that. I like it here, I do. When we start doing well, you'd never want to leave, right?"


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