A number of in depth interviews were carried out for the Official Manchester Storm website by Peter Collins and Dominique Paul.

These interviews are now once again available online. Click on the interview you require and it'll open up in a new window.

Pierre Allard

Kelly Askew Mark Bernard
Dave Biggar Curt Bowen David Davies (Storm MD)
Doug Doull Colin Downie Ryan Duthie
Greg Gatto Mike Harding Jeff Jablonski
Arttu Kayhko Kurt Kleinendorst Norm Krumpschmid
Dave Livingston Chris Main

Kris Miller (A) & (B)

Mike Morin

Troy Neumeier Frank Pietrangelo
Kevin Pozzo Rob Robinson Brad Rubachuk
Hilton Ruggles Blair Scott Corey Spring
Jeff Tomlinson
Julia Trevor (physio)

Jonathan Weaver