Manchester Storm
B&H Cup Champions 1999

Manchester Storm 4 London Knights 3
after OT and Penalties
Storm win penalty shoot out as Frank Pietrangelo blanks Knights and Rick Brebant beats Cavallin

"This is a great competition. Honestly, when you look at the trophies, this is right up there, because you get to carry it for the whole season. People talk about the B&H Champions all year long" Kurt Kleinendorst

Post match comments ... large format team photo

18.25 Allard/Morin/Wahlsten
21.28 Harding/Hurley/Campbell PP
48.25 Jablonski/Livingston/Johnstone PP

Tomlinson - No goal
Brebant - Goal
Krumpschmid - No goal
Wahlsten - No goal
Livingston - No goal

Mark Jones reports from the Sheffield Arena
It felt like a cup final from the moment you walked through the door; there was an edge to the atmosphere, an excitement that got to you whether you were by the plexi glass or high up at the back of the Sheffield Arena. As the teams came onto the ice you couldn't hear yourself think for the noise created by the Storm and Knight fans. KK had said we needed a miracle to se Kris Miller on the ice ..... and it happened!

As the game began everyone knew the early minutes could prove vital. Would Knights go for blood as their coach had predicted? In fact they got the break at 1'52" with a Hussey/Banks/Hoad goal. Stunned? In the web site seat high in the gods we felt the slap in the face ....... worse was to come when on the powerplay Knights scored again at 11'20" with a Kenny/Duthie/Byce goal. Two goals down in our first final. Oh no .... but the fans and the team kept the faith and it was Frenchie that came to the rescue at 18'25", supported by Morin and Walhsten. 1-2 at the end of the first .. and that old cliche of "the next goal counts" kept floating across our minds.

Banks took a minor right on the whistle at the end of the first so Storm had the powerplay advantage ... and Mike Harding made no mistake .. powering the shot in at 21'28". Oh that was sweet for so many reasons.

And so into the third and Knights bid to rough it up and slow the Storm down backfired as Knights ran into penalty trouble in the third period, Kenny serving an elbows minor when Jablonski popped home the loose puck from close in. 3-2 to the Storm and the team are in as much control as you can be in an ice hockey final ... a point proved when Knights pulled their netminder with a minute to go and then at 59'14" Scremin ges the shot past Frankie (ass Kenny/Bultje). 3-3 and into overtime.

No goals in overtime and so into the penalties. First off, best of five. On Storm's second run Brebant scores and gives the team the advantage. No more goals from either side and Burke revs up for the Knights last chance. He picks the puck up .... and it doesn't make it across the line.

Fireworks, cheers, smiles ...... we are the B&H Champions of 1999

"At the end of the day in a shoot out if you score you score if you dont you dont. It favours the goaltender in a shoot out" Rick Brebant
"Excuse me .. thats easy for Rick to say" Frank Pietrangelo "Its a 50/50 chance. I'm not sure its a fair way to end a hockey game or a championship but now that we have won it tonight I favour it..."

"The team came together today and played a solid 60, sorry 70, minutes" Rick Brebant

"We played with some injuries, Rob Robinson, Kris Miller, Kevin Hoffman. Its a credit to those guys. Kris Miller had no reason to be out there. Quite courageous by all three of them." KK

" We have been involved in two shoot outs in Europe and this time we got it right!" KK
"This will now kickstart our campaign in the League
" Rick Brebant

"Its a huge confidence builder for us. It'll boost our league campaign" Jeff Tomlinson

"Its the first chance we've had to play in a final and we have proved we can rise to the occasion" Kurt Kleinendorst

"This is a great competition. Honestly, when you look at the trophies, this is right up there, because you get to carry it for the whole season. People talk about the B&H Champions all year long" Kurt Kleinendorst

"I wasn't brought here to kiss sisters, but to bring the bride home" Chris McSorley

"If I make a comment about that penalty, I will personally be made to pay for the latest renovations to Superleague headquarters," Chris McSorley

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