Hockey fans are biased, but the MEN Arena looks at its most impressive when it is "dressed" for ice hockey. The huge amphitheatre wraps around the Olympic size ice pad, the giant scroreboard hangs over the centre circle and everyone gets a full view of the action.

Everbody had their favourite place to sit. Some lived for life on the blue line, others had to be behind the team bench, whilst many of the faithful watched every game from block 109 behind the goals.

The photos below shows how the Arena looked when it became "The Storm Shelter". There's a seating plan at the bottom of the page to bring back memories of where you used to sit.

Manchester Arena - filled to the rafters with 17245 Storm hockey fans!

Season 2000-01 view of the ice

An early years view of the ice at the Manchester Arena

The ice from the front of Block 209

The last season ice at the MEN Arena .. note the adverts in the face off circles!
(photo by Matthew Keppie)

Where to sit when the ice is down at the MEN Arena