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Mark Jones watched his first game of hockey in January 1986 when Durham Wasps played the Fife Flyers. He first visited the Manchester Arena by climbing a 100 ft ladder to access what is now the Hunts Bank entrance! He was at the first game at the arena ... and here's the ticket to prove it!

Mark created the online fanzine"Thunderflash", ran the official website for three years and has reported on the Manchester Storm for local and national radio. He now lives and works in Gloucestershire and sometimes has to go to Cardiff to watch hockey - this is a tough call for anyone who loved the Durham Wasps!

These web pages would not have been possible without the help of the following

Endless help and assistance from Peter Collins during the years of the official website. Peter's archive interviews are well worth reading

Photographs on this site were taken mainly by Andy Yates, Dominique Bailey, Matthew Keppie and Carl Johnstone. Credits given throughout when specific photographer is known. Other photos (mostly the long range ones ..) taken by Mark Jones

Mr Liam Sluyter and his book "Seasons to be Cheerful" for some first season memory jogging ... and a mention in his second book "A Game of Three Halves"

Mark Jones, Peter Collins, Manchester Storm website
Mark Jones (left) and Peter Collins (right)
Manchester Storm official website